Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A snippet of something new

I actually find it very hard to start a blog post compared to starting a story, which is very unusual for me.
Today I have started working on chapter 2 of my book. Tomorrow if I have time I will be working on the prologue. I realized the other day that one of the stories that I had started to write a couple of months ago would work perfectly for the prologue of this story. So now that I have gotten a little path going for my lovely characters I'll be working on my prologue. Hopefully my husband will be able to help me out with the editing so I can get that posted on here as soon as possible. I will also be working on my list of authors for my blog since I didn't realize that I could actually makes lists on here...which is probably really bad for me since I LOVE to make lists. Anyways here's a few lines from what I have been working on tonight. It's not much but hopefully it will get better as time goes by :)

Cursing inwardly Riley gave up on being quiet and dropped to the ground behind Emily. Much to his surprise, Emily spun on her toes and launched the dagger straight at Riley’s heart. With a curse he threw himself into a roll and landed half a dozen feet to her right in a ready position.
                By gods, for a girl with no professional training at all, she sure was fast. For a moment they stood staring at each other, each one assessing the other. After a long pause Emily breathed a long sigh and walked over to pick up her dagger. Sheathing it she turned back towards Riley.. He now stood with one hand on his dagger and the other still cradled to his chest. “What in gods hell do you think you are doing sneaking up on me like that? I could have killed you!” She sure was pretty when she was mad. Riley fought to keep his expression calm. He laughed inwardly but wouldn't allow her to see his amusement.

UPDATE: So i have decided that I'm just going to start putting the little tidbits that i write here and there on here. Some of them probably wont be edited and there will be a lot of grammatical errors...but i just write whatever pops in my head and sometimes i put punctuation where it needs to be and well sometimes i don't. From here down will be small pieces that i haven't put in the book yet, but already have plans for :).

Rushing on all fours she crawled as fast as her aching limbs would let her, each movement sending pain through her limbs. Pain radiated from her knees and hands as she made her way across the marble floor. Her destination and staying alive were the only thoughts in her mind.

A screech pierced her ears and for the first time her thoughts went back to what was happening behind her. Fear plagued her, yet she paused. Should she go back, what could she even do, every instinct told her to run but her heart told her to stay, to go back.

Hesitating only long enough to get to her aching, bloody feet, she turned back to where she knew death awaited her. Another screech rented the air, or was that a cry of pain? Moving slowly at first she started back in the direction she came until the screams started to get louder and closer together. Her instincts still yelling at her to turn back, she stopped as she came to a tall black pillar.

Her fears, her nightmares, everything that ever haunted her lay just behind the massive support of the granite hall. Taking a deep breath and pushing the lump that had formed in her throat back down, she rounded the pillar to face the thing that nightmares are made of. She just knew she had to go back for him, even if it meant her life. 


“I WANT HER NOW!! I don’t care if we have to destroy every living creature in this maggot infested land I will have her! Do you understand me? Or do I have to spell it out. If she finds the stone before I do then you will pay every single last one of you. You don’t want to let me down do you, Kiltros? That would…prove to be very…fatal for you and that dear wife of yours.”

“N n no mi mistress. We we wi will f find her mi mistress. We we p promise.”

“Good, now get out of my sight. You disgusting little creature and take the rest of your filthy people with you. Oh and if you see my dear son…kill him. Wait, better yet capture him and throw him in the dungeon. I have something more unpleasant for him.”


“Just come with me!”
“I can’t, don’t you understand? If I leave I’ll die and if I try she will find out. I’m never getting out of here. No matter how badly I want to go with you I just can’t.”
“How do you know? Have you even tried or did you give up as soon as you were thrown in here like you always do. I can take you with me, we can run away right now and she will never find you or me. Please just let me help you!”
"Do you see that man over there, or what’s left of him? He was the last person who tried to escape; he only made it a few feet past the door before he burst into flames. His eyes liquefied in front of me! I watched as his blood boiled and his brain melted out of his head through his nose! Do you want me to end up like that? Do you want me to die like him? Do you even love me enough to leave me here so I can live?”
“I would rather see you dead than in her hands. I would rather be the one who drives a blade through her heart and watches as her life slips away. I will not stand here and watch as you disappear from my life again. You will be free and I will make sure of it.”
“Ha, and how do you plan on doing that? She probably knows your down here right now and is waiting outside that door as we speak just waiting for you to try and rescue me. These bars are my prison now and my salvation. As long as I’m in here she won’t touch me, she can’t. And she knows it. I may be next to useless but I still have a spell or two up my sleeve.”
“There’s ways for people like me to get in and out without anyone noticing and I can take you the same way all you have to do is come with me. Please just let me help you. Stop being so damn stubborn!”
“Stubborn?! I’M being stubborn? Have you looked in a mirror lately Riley or are you just oblivious as to who your parents are? You just can’t leave well enough alone. You have to leave and you have to leave me here. I will not go with you and if you try and take me ill fight you the entire way. Now get out of my cell. It’s the only thing I have left and I won’t allow you to sully it with your hopes and dreams. Now leave!
“Sara plea…”

“NO!!! GET OUT!”


“No matter how many times you think life is as tough as it gets it will throw another lemon at your feet and watch as you try to step over it without tripping. Never saw a man pause that long just to stare at his lemon. You would think that he was going to pick it up and just eat it. I don’t’ know if that’s brains, brawns, or he’s just stupid. But I do know this…he’s the strongest person I know. Doesn’t take a genius to know that you gotta watch where you’re going. Maybe someday I’ll be able to strut through life with that lemon perched on my shoulder showing me just what needs to be done. Or maybe I’ll be stuck with that little devil of a peeling taunting me for tripping over it.”


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