Saturday, November 16, 2013

NaNoWriMo Week 2

Starting out where i left off last week, here is what i have written this week. If you have not read the first part i recommend you do so now so you don't get lost. Also if you read this and find any grammar errors, spelling errors, or any kind of errors just know that i know. When i am done with this completely then i will go back and fix everything i find, until then suck it up grammar/spelling nazi lol. Either way i hope you like it, if you don't then oh far i don't know how i feel about it either. And i am very critical about my own work, so you don't have to tell me because i already know and if i don't then i will find out on my own. Ok done with that...please enjoy this weeks post of what i wrote on NaNo :). Enjoy or don't either way whatever lol.

Oh and one more thing. disregard any breaks in paragraphs, i am not going through and pressing enter between each paragraph after i have pasted it onto here...that would take WAY too long.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

NaNoWriMo Week 1

So i was originally going to post what i wrote at the end of every day but since some days i did really bad and barely got anything written i decided that i would only do one post a week. Plus only one post a week is a lot better than 7. So At 13350 words i give you what i have written so far. Be warned there are going to be a lot of grammatical errors and spelling errors. I hope you enjoy :) Also disregard the lack of paragraph spaces.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


This will be the first year that i have participated in NaNoWriMo mostly because i just heard about it from several different authors on facebook. i started my writing today but unfortunately i didn't get much done, life kinda come back to bite me in the but before i could get more than 650 words typed, but oh well there's always tomorrow. So I'm thinking at the end of every week I'm going to post what i have typed for that week. And this is what i have so far, obviously i huge work in progress and completely different from what i was working on but i was having trouble getting anywhere with that, which is another reason why i haven't posted anything here in a while. Writers block is a bitch. Before i post what i have written so far i think i will tell you a bit about what I'm writing.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Loving me some Steampunk!!!

I've been meaning to get this posted for about 2 weeks now...and I'm finally getting my butt in gear :P. So here it is.

Sometime last year, i can't remember when, i started reading this book called The Emperor's Edge. I completely fell in love with it. And as the books came out i continued to read them. After roughly 2 years of reading them my wonderful author finished the series. Well at some point in the middle of the series i realized that i am just head over heels in love with steampunk. I had no idea that i liked it so much. I found out around the end of last year or the beginning of this year that this amazing author had 2 other series out that i had not read. So i go and buy all of them i can find on the kindle and read them! I can't really say that i have found an author that i just absolutely love to the point where I'll buy anything she writes...but i now think that i have. Lindsay Buroker is probably my favorite author at the moment and it makes me sad that The Emperor's Edge series is over. I'm hoping and praying that she will write more with the main characters from the series because well i love me some dark emotionless assassin...for some reason he makes me crazy. And i know I'm not the only one that is in love with such a bland personality, but in all fairness its not his fault, he did kind of grow up having to shut all those emotions down.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Smash*ing and Scrapbooking!

A couple months ago my mother in law introduced me to smash* books and scrapbooks. Now i can't say that i do these regularly but i do enjoy them nonetheless. I have always seen smash* books as something un-orderly and just totally random, and that's kinda what it a way.

POP! Disney

Ok so I love anything Disney. I used to watch every Disney movie there was when i was a kid (which in all actuality wasn't that long ago). But by far my favorite Disney movie was Beauty and the Beast. I have no idea why but to this day it has always been my favorite movie. Maybe because i can relate to Belle (well kinda, lets just say i can see a resemblance in our personalities) at least i think. I always liked the beast in the hes kinda a jerk but he means well sorta way.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pampered Chef

I am an Independent Consultant for Pampered Chef. I love to cook and i enjoy trying new things. So this is pretty much the perfect job for me. If you ever are interested in buying anything or would like to ask me some questions about Pampered Chef, just leave me a comment and I'll get back to you. I'm not usually big on trying to promote it but I have decided that since I'm moving and I'll finally be able to use my products more "religiously" (lol) that i could use the money if i am able to sell anything.

Buying a house...or at least trying to.

Out of nowhere about 2 1/2 weeks ago my mother in law said she saw a house for sale down the road from us. So i decide to give it a look since we are trying to get a place of our own and we are all ready to not be living together anymore. So i call this guy and the next day I'm looking at houses for sale.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Adult Driver Education Course

I have officially started my Adult Driver Education course today...yes i know it took me forever but oh well. So pretty much look out Texas I'll be on the road soon. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. At least now i wont have to ask for rides and i wont be worried about getting stuck someplace. My husband is pretty excited for me so i don't have to bug him to buy me chocolate in the middle of the night anymore.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A snippet of something new

I actually find it very hard to start a blog post compared to starting a story, which is very unusual for me.
Today I have started working on chapter 2 of my book. Tomorrow if I have time I will be working on the prologue. I realized the other day that one of the stories that I had started to write a couple of months ago would work perfectly for the prologue of this story. So now that I have gotten a little path going for my lovely characters I'll be working on my prologue. Hopefully my husband will be able to help me out with the editing so I can get that posted on here as soon as possible. I will also be working on my list of authors for my blog since I didn't realize that I could actually makes lists on here...which is probably really bad for me since I LOVE to make lists. Anyways here's a few lines from what I have been working on tonight. It's not much but hopefully it will get better as time goes by :)