Thursday, September 5, 2013

Buying a house...or at least trying to.

Out of nowhere about 2 1/2 weeks ago my mother in law said she saw a house for sale down the road from us. So i decide to give it a look since we are trying to get a place of our own and we are all ready to not be living together anymore. So i call this guy and the next day I'm looking at houses for sale.
Now originally we were just going to rent until i saw this adorably cute house that i just fell in love with as soon as i saw it. The guy that was showing us the house told us that if we decide to buy then we should jump on it as soon as possible. I'm like ok that's fine just not looking to buy just yet. So i talk to my husband (who is working in south Texas for another week) and i tell him about this wonderful house. We start talking about it more and more all through the night and somehow in less than 24 hrs we decide to buy a house. So my husband calls the guy and that night he comes over and we sign paper work to put the house on hold so we can start with all the other paper work and lenders and all that crazy stuff i don't understand (thank god for a father in law who knows all this stuff due to selling homes a couple years ago).

So husband comes home and we go look at the house. Well the guy already told us that if he hates the house when he sees it then he will give us our "earnest money* back. I'm standing in the kitchen looking and dreaming of what i can do with that space, and in walks my husband straightest face possible but with a hint of a smile in his eyes and just nods. And that's when i realize that we are buying a house. It's been a couple days since everything got sent to the lenders. Now I'm just waiting to see if everything goes through. I'm praying and hoping it does but with these things you never know anything can happen. I just know that if we get it, i will finally have a space for all my stuff and i can finally write without being surrounded by people all the time. Plus my son will have his own room!!! Now i just need more furniture and maybe a car bed for my son...maybe with that he wont feel the need to sleep with us... >.<

Anyways the point of this is trying to buy a house is hard work. Not only do you have to learn everything but you have to stay calm and not let excitement take you over before anything is even confirmed. I have been going crazy for about 2 weeks now wondering if we are going to get this house. I've been daydreaming about fences i can put up around the back yard, the furniture that i can buy just to make it look much better. Not to mention all the landscaping stuff i have planned...and all this stuff running through my head is for a house that i haven't even been in 3 times. Oh well I'm in love and i think I'll cry for a week if i don't get it. Well maybe not a week maybe an hour or something.

I have realized though that i need to do lots of research and figure out what all these words mean. or maybe i just need to carry around a dictionary. i don't want to sound stupid but some of this stuff i just don't understand. I mean its not like the taught us any of this in HS. I wish they did. hell i still don't understand how to do taxes and all that. I just go with my husband and sit there like a lump on a log until i have to sign something or answer a question that he could probably answer better than me. 

So if you decide to go buy a your research before you even look at a house. i will say that buying a house may be cheaper than trying to rent. Everything i looked at was so much more expensive a month than just buying. But always look around and find plenty of options before you make any decision. Because this could either be a life long decision or a short one depending on how things work out for you. 

I'm just excited. Can't wait to finally move all my stuff into a home of my own :) can't help buy imagining the possibilities.

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