Sunday, September 8, 2013

POP! Disney

Ok so I love anything Disney. I used to watch every Disney movie there was when i was a kid (which in all actuality wasn't that long ago). But by far my favorite Disney movie was Beauty and the Beast. I have no idea why but to this day it has always been my favorite movie. Maybe because i can relate to Belle (well kinda, lets just say i can see a resemblance in our personalities) at least i think. I always liked the beast in the hes kinda a jerk but he means well sorta way.

Anyways i had gone to Fry's with my mother in law a couple months ago and i saw these cute little bobble head type things...except they were not bobble heads at all. I bought it thinking it was going to sit on my desk and she would nod to me when i tapped her or something. Well i was dead wrong, and regardless of the fact that she doesn't acknowledge my presence when i touch her shes still freaking awesome.

So earlier tonight (5 min ago) after trying to think of something to do i glance down and see my little Belle just sitting in front of my computer monitor watching me. That's when i get the idea to go look for more of these little guys. For some reason i suddenly have it in my head that i need to go buy lots more of them. And i have to have 1 of all my favorite characters. Anyways i check on the bottom of her to see if there was a website that i could go look at and there it is in small little print the things i had been searching for.

Now I'm sitting here going back and forth typing this and looking at all the kewl little characters that they have created and adding pretty much all of them to my Amazon wish list...which i really shouldn't do since i have enough on there right now anyways. I know believe that i have a new favorite website and its called Funko!! Only thing is i don't think you can actually order from their website so i also have Fry's open as well...and OMG do they have a lot on there. Just typing in POP! Disney over 2200 items are am i going to have fun with if only i was rich hehe. Now it does look like Funko does have a catalog so that might be a plus for me in the future, when i have the space to put them that is.

Now isn't she just so pretty...I really need to get more of these guys. I do think if i can find Beast, Mrs. Pots, and Chip i will be one happy girl. Next i will have to get Jack Skellington and Sandy for sure :D

Yep hes adorable and i want him to sit next to belle just like that!!! So cute. And i just found Jack and Sally. Don't judge me i have the oddest taste in characters (you should see my walls...hehe)

Oh and Funko isn't just for Disney characters...looking at their catalog right now i have seen everything from Monsters Inc 2 to The Hangover and even a bobble head of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory! Avengers, Man of Steel, Ace Ventura, Jay and Silent Bob, Big Lebowski, Back to the Future, The Hobbit (just imagine, a little plushie of Gollum), Despicable Me 2, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones...that's all just one the first 6 pages of the catalog...Ok now I'm just going on and on. Either way i know what i want for Christmas ;). 

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