Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pampered Chef

I am an Independent Consultant for Pampered Chef. I love to cook and i enjoy trying new things. So this is pretty much the perfect job for me. If you ever are interested in buying anything or would like to ask me some questions about Pampered Chef, just leave me a comment and I'll get back to you. I'm not usually big on trying to promote it but I have decided that since I'm moving and I'll finally be able to use my products more "religiously" (lol) that i could use the money if i am able to sell anything.

I probably should have written this August 31st (but it was my husbands birthday so i didn't have time), so this is a bit late. The Fall/Winter Catalogs are out and all products and prices are effective from September 1st 2013- February 28th 2014. From what i have seen there are just under 25 new products with this new catalog.
This is just a list of some of the items that i have seen that are new (and that i would like to get for myself :P). All descriptions are from the Pampered Chef website.

The first Item is the Rockcrok Everyday Pan and it's $115.00. The perfect size for making one-pot dinners during the week. brown, braise and broil meats, bake casseroles, simmer/reduce sauces and more. 2.5-qt. capacity; 9" diameter.

Spiral and Slice would be the next thing that i would get. This is $26.00. Spiral-cut your veggies for a new spin on salads, sandwiches and side dishes. Spiral-cut potatoes and onions are to-die-for when deep-fried! Just pop veggies in the base, push on the plunger and twist away for spirals. Use the divider to make half-slices of veggies like zucchini, carrots, celery and pepper strips. Put all your salad fixings in each well and slice right into the bowl. Dishwasher-safe.

Mix 'N Chunk is like a mixture between the Mix 'N  Chop and the Mix 'N Masher. I don't have the Mix 'N Masher but i do have the Mix 'N Chop and i love it!!! It's $11.50. Slice, dice and chunk softer foods without mashing them. make egg salad and potato salad in a flash! use with boiled eggs, avocados, steamed vegetables and more. Soft-grip handle. Nylon tool is heat-resistant to 428°F. 10". Dishwasher-safe.

Kitchen Spritzer, i had the old version so i am looking forward to this new one when i get it! Only $16.00. When a mist of oil is all you need. Skip the aerosol can: this refillable glass bottle uses a pump with any cooking oil. Includes a filter to keep the spray mechanism clog-free. Dishwasher-safe.

You can find recipes that you can use with any and all of their products just by searching for the product that you want to use. There are many healthy recipes, along with the ones that make you want to indulge ;). I think the things that i look forward to the most with each new season is the cook books. The Season's Best Fall/Winter cookbook ($2.00) is simply wonderful (and when i get my own kitchen i will be trying many of those.), especially the S'More Cake and the Quick Apple Cream Cake (theres no link to it, but it looks super yummy :P)

Also for hosting or even going to a party there are many rewards. Theres even the possibility of doing an online show (which I'm in the process of figuring out). When hosting a show you get free product of your choice, half-price and discounted products, 10% discount for a year (you will receive a shot number which you will put in when you place orders after the original show), and free shipping on your order. The host and guest specials are as follows:

September 2013: Host: 60% off any glazed and unglazed Stoneware. There are 21 to choose from. When guest sales are between $150 and $649.99 you can choose 1 piece. When guest sales are over $650 you can choose 2 pieces! Guest: 20% off glazed and unglazed stoneware and metal bake ware. You can get as many as you want. There are 29 to choose from. No limit to the amount you may purchase.

October 2013: Host: 60% off the your choice of Roasting Pan With Rack (originally $125.00 now $50.00 with host discount), Deep Covered Baker ($85.00 down to $34.00 ( i have and use it almost religiously!)), 2 Stackable Cooling Racks (usually $15.50 a piece, $12.40 for 2), Bamboo Knife Block Set ($435.00 down to $174.00), Covered Roaster ($99.50 down to $39.50), Cookie Press ($32.50 down to $13.00 (cinnamon cookies are the bomb with this thing, i can make dozens for the holidays or just for fun)). Guest: Choose 1 free micro-cooker with $75 purchase. May only choose 1 micro-cooker.

November 2013: Host: 60% off select cookware. Guess sales reach $150-$649.99 choose 1 piece from open stock cookware. 24 items to choose from. When guest sales go over $650 get 2 pieces of cookware. Choose from open stock, cookware sets and our new RockCrok pieces. 30 pieces to choose from. Guest: Choose from Mix 'N Chop, Mix 'N Masher, Mix 'N Chunk, and Scoop 'N Drain with $75 purchase. May only choose 1 guest reward.

For any questions, ideas, or advice comment below and I'll get back to you. Also I'm stockpiling Pampered Chef recipes so if you need anything like that i might be able to help! If i don't know then i can find out :). The link for The Pampered chef is above but i will add my personal website and add the home website below as well.

The Pampered Chef
Personal Website

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