Sunday, September 8, 2013

Smash*ing and Scrapbooking!

A couple months ago my mother in law introduced me to smash* books and scrapbooks. Now i can't say that i do these regularly but i do enjoy them nonetheless. I have always seen smash* books as something un-orderly and just totally random, and that's kinda what it a way.
And i have always seen scrapbooking as an orderly layout revolving around a particular thing. For example a picture of an old friend, and you would add little objects or embellishments to the page that revolve around that picture or that friend. Also there would have to be some kind of color scheme...which i really like. Colors that clash bug the snot out of me. Now smash* books are more of not really random items but whatever you feel like putting on that page. I have done a couple pages in my smash book some i like and some i don't. I haven't really done any scrapbooking, but i do have a scrapbook full of 12x12 pages for later use. Hopefully when we do finally move and i have more room not only will i have more space for my other interests but i will also have enough room to put all my pretty smash* and scrapbooking supplies...and to date i have more washi tape than anything!

This beauty is the front of my smash* book. Now as of right now this is the only one i have, mostly because i don't have the room to store the rest...but i promise when i have that space i WILL have them ALL i sound like I'm trying to collect Pokemon ;). Anyways this is the Red smash* book, Doodle Style, the link is to Now i know there are cheaper websites out there that you can buy smash* books from but this was the easiest one for me to get to in my bookmarks :P. I wanted to go with something that represented me. For exampled the crown is to say that I'm the queen of my world and that my choices are my own. The little cross bones is well kinda obvious, i like anything dark and creepy like that. My favorite styles are polka dots, diamond patterns, and chevron. Oh and I'm a little silly! lol

Out of all the pages i have done this one is my favorite and i think it goes right along with how i see smash*ing. Now that doesn't mean yours have to look like this, this is just how i like to do it. These pictures were taken after my husband got back from his second deployment and before i got pregnant with my silly little man. I call these pages my Favorite person pages. Under the flaps i put movie tickets to some of the movies we have seen together. I'm still missing a few since they are in storage, so when i get those out I'll be adding a lot more. I also put in a few of the small smash* book pages that you can usually find with the other smash* book stuff. Now I'm not completely sure what they are called but i listed some of our specials days, like the day that we got married, the day that i had our son, a special gift that he bought me. I also added the first baseball game that we went to together. Every once in a while i get fortune cookies that go right along with something that is happening in our lives, so i saved those and added them as well. 

These are another layout that i did right before the last book came out in the series that i was reading. I never realized that i loved steampunk so much until i started reading her books. I will say this Lindsay Buroker is an amazing author and to this day i have read every book that she has put out (that i know about). Now the little steampunk guy with the pipe is actually a postcard that i got in a swap on (which i will probably blog about on a later date). I went out and found a bunch of items that i could use as embellishments that went along with the book, which is where the little black heart, tickets, and cogs come from. I wanted to add all the books in the series including the short stories as well so i printed out a bunch of the covers and there they are (i tried putting them in order and failed miserably). Also the little pages on the bottom picture on the left are the pages i was talking about with the Favorite person pages (the A Favorite Quote page, Would love to learn how to page, and the big open mouth page). 

Now for the fun part of this page. I posted on the facebook group SMASH*aholics asking for places where they buy stuff for their smash* books and other stuff like that. I also went through and wrote down all the stores and websites that i saw people had said they bought stuff from. Now I'm sure that i missed some since i was tired and not fully functional at the time of the list making but i do have some. I will post links with all the stores that have one. Also i have been to all these websites and taken a look around, but for the safety of my bank account i didn't create an account. And all you SMASH*aholics understand where i am coming from with that statement lol. 

So here is what i have so far: Online stores:

Actual stores that you can shop in person at :P:

I'm not sure what else to add so I'll leave it at is. If anyone has any suggestions that i should add to this post just leave me a comment. :) Oh and i do have 1 more picture :D

My favorite color is green, and i was told on SMASH*aholics that i should add lots of pretty pictures and colors, so i thought this would be a good splash of color :D. What do you guys think?

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